Traffic accidents in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Do you know that cycling is a common mode of transport in the Netherlands?

About 45% of the people in Amsterdam use the bicycle as their most frequent mode of transport during the day.

In a city like Amsterdam is a car not a handy way of transport. Cars and bicycles are not always friends.

If you are a tourist on holiday in Amsterdam, or you are a foreign employee in Amsterdam, an expat or au pair, be aware for the next situations!


  • Cyclists or scooter riders are often ignoring or disregarding the pedestrian crosswalks and traffic lights.
  • Or pedestrians (as tourists or as foreign employee ) who walk on the bicycle paths instead of the sidewalk, or walk mindlessly along quiet streets, looking up to admire the buildings.
  • Be aware that some people using the mobile phone while cycling or driving and don’t see you in de traffic.
  • A roundabout in the centre of Amsterdam on which cyclists have priority. Sometimes a car or a scooterdriver forgets on the roundabout to give priority to traffic approaching from the right.

When you are a victim of an accident in Amsterdam in the Netherlands it can be unclear to you how to get compensation for your damages and injuries. Maybe you are still in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, or you returned back to your homeland, get free legal advice of our injury attorney.


To make cycling safer and more inviting the Dutch have built a vast network of cycle paths.